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Product of the Month: Wool Base Layers


Women’s Base Layers from
Endura and Garneau

          • Merino wool for men and women (super soft material with moisture wicking properties and exceptional breathability)
          • Women’s sizes: XSmall – XLarge
          • Men’s sizes: Medium – XXLarge
          • 4 color choices for men and women

          Men’s Base Layers from
          Endura and Garneau


          Beat the winter blues with snowshoes!

          Locally made in La Crosse!

          Try before you buy?

          We rent snowshoes for the whole family by the day, weekend, or week. 

          • $15 per day/pair
          • $25 per weekend/pair
          • $45 per week/pair
          When can I rent?

          We are open 7 days a week! See above for store hours.

          How do I know what size I need?

          Snoeshows are based on a users weight. The heavier the user, the longer the snowshoe to keep you on top of the snow.

          What brand do you sell?

          We sell only Redfeather snowshoes, locally made, right here in La Crosse!

          Do I need any special equipment?


          We highly recommend a lightly insulated boot (regular winter boots will be too warm). 

          Poles are optional, but may give you better stability on uneven terrain. 

          Dress in layers, layers, layers! This will allow you to moderate your body temperature as your intensity changes.